Case Studies

“Thanks to SAP’s size, experience and ability to constantly improve the operating system, SAP Business One is a sophisticated and powerful program that can readily adapt to our customization needs.”

Kurt Blemaster
“LBSi has helped us immensely by being a true partner for our business. They've helped us realize the full potential of SAP Business One by providing increased, scalable and streamlined functionality - all while offering ongoing education and first-class support."

Jesse Harster
VP Digital Strategy
“SAP Business One has helped us to work more efficiently and given us the tools we need to better manage our inventory, sales, and finances. The real-time data has given us unlimited visibility into our business operations and has proven invaluable to us.”

Carolyn Evans
General Manager
“Right after we completed our implementation, we introduced a number of new high-quantity product lines. Without SAP Business One, we could not have managed this strategic expansion.”
Adrian Rausche
“You can talk to any one of their guys instantaneously, versus putting a ticket in the queue and waiting for a call back. If something was of urgency, we would get instant reaction to it.”

Dan Meraz
"We could not have sustained or managed the growth without utilizing all aspects of SAP Business One. We even implemented Campaigns to manage and track our classroom registrations."
Vicki Smith
"Since implementing SAP Business One, our revenue has doubled and we haven't had to add any new headcount, which is a big win for us."

Director of IT
"One of our major car retailer customers requested specific reporting to provide to their buyers. They were surprised with the ease with which we were able to pull these dedicated reports. The latest enhancements provided by LBSi will save our AP department endless hours of manual work."
Matt Burkley
National Sales Manager
"We knew we wanted to do business with LBSi. (LBSi) understood exactly where we were coming from and where we wanted to go."

Carl DeSiato
“SAP has allowed AMT’s business system to jump from the 1980s into the twenty-first century. It has streamlined our processes, improved our financial reporting, and reduced our paperwork. The learning curve for our employees has been quick, as SAP has proved to be an intuitive, easy-to-use system. It’s been a home run.”
Bruce Devney
"My experience of using SAP Business One made me choose them - which is more than I can say for any other software I've implemented. We're such a young company, we don't know what the future holds. But I know that SAP can grow with us."

Jon Corrado
“LBSi was great. They were easy to work with, always available, and warmly professional.”

Anest Iwata
Account Manager
“Thanks to SAP Business One and the MARINGO project management software, we have real-time access to information, which enables us to make better decisions faster.”
Donna Jones
VP of Accounting and Finance
“LBSI truly listened and understood our needs, as well as the demands of our clients, and created customized functionalities and shortcuts within the system to save us time and energy.”
Shane Smith
Manager for Logistics and Customer Support and IT
“SAP® Business One is a one-stop shop and my team is able to find multiple points of information. When using Business One, everything you need is in one place.”

Bob Jenkins
Production Planning
"SAP Business One allowed us to scale back our customer service interactions to a minimal level because things run so smoothly, and information flows in such a timely manner."
Chuck Masa
“SAP Business One helps us work more efficiently. It's given us the tools we need to better manage our finances, inventory, and sales, so we can grow the business."
Nicki Esposito-Wallace
“The level of knowledge that Long Business Systems has is invaluable to us. They are very professional and even-keeled in the face of challenges.”

Gerry Nemeth
Director of Operations
"Our president has done every function in the system...he is amazed at how easy SAP Business One is to use."

Kentaro Oka
"I felt like the guys at LBSi were really hands on with us, wanted us to be as happy as possible, do everything they can to make this as personal for our company as they could."

Jennifer Cassidy
“As our primary implementation partner, LBSi made the transition from legacy to new software fantastically easy.”

Giovanni Brienza
Vice President
"Implementing SAP Business One was one of the best business decisions I have made in my 15 years running the company. It would have been impossible to accomplish all we have in the last two years without SAP Business One."
Pat Marron