5 Things to Consider When Working from Home

5 Things to Consider When Working from Home

COVID-19 has impacted and changed our lives forever. Companies were forced to convert many of their staff to work from home. This change came up so quickly that you may not have considered the following as you scrambled to set up your users with the ability to work remotely:


With all or most of your staff working from the office you may not have considered firewalls when quickly setting up your users to work remotely. Remote workers can open up your network to security risks.  Investigate and choose firewall options that protect both your work from home users and your internal networks.

ERP Systems

If your users mostly worked from the office they may have been connecting your ERP system via a client application running on their PC or laptop. When Switching to the work from home model you should consider accessing the ERP software from a browser or Remote application such as RDP (Remote desktop application) instead of running the ERP application directly on the PC or laptop which can be painfully slow. Better yet, perhaps your ERP software offers a “cloud” version that is designed specifically for this application.

Virus Protection

Maybe your virus protection software was set up to only work when users are in the office. Setup Virus protection software to work remotely so that your user’s work stations are safeguarded while working remotely.

Malware Protection

Like virus protection, you will want to make sure that your users’ remote work stations are protected from malware. We know that their unscrupulous people out there want to profit off of pandemics and prey on users to click on attachments and other “bad practices” when they are working remotely. The last thing you want to do is bring back malware or a virus to your internal networks.


Like virus and malware protection, backups were often setup and configured to run while your users were connected to your internal networks. Make sure that your remote users have regularly scheduled backups performed on the external work stations so that the devices are safeguarded in the event of a problem such as hard drive failure, ransomware, etc.

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