7 Reasons to Look for a New ERP System

Your technology is obsolete

Manufacturers and Distributors that are operating on old technology are not getting the information they need to run their businesses in a timely manner. In many cases, you are relying on an “IT department” that you have to contact every time you need to have a new report or piece of information instead of having the ability to obtain your own reports and data in real-time.

Employees are working from home or mobile and information needs to be available remotely

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we work; many employees are remote, many companies have learned that the data they need to run their businesses is not available electronically and because of that, they are not able to properly make the business decisions that are required during the pandemic.

Information that you rely on is not real-time

You are relying on reports, Excel spreadsheets that have been sliced and diced multiple times only to find out that your data is outdated. You determined all of your requirements based on old sales history and forecasts. A new ERP system can provide you with real-time data that is current and up to date.

Lack of common features that streamline your business and work day

Older Legacy systems do not offer features that are required to streamline operations and information is not easily passed throughout the company. Take a simple task like creating a new customer and find out all the steps that are currently followed to get the task done. You will most likely find that there is a replication of effort in a few different systems such as: enter the customer in the legacy system, add it to your stand-alone CRM system, enter it in your email system, send memos internally to notify staff, etc.

Lack of support

Do you rely on one person in your company or outside of your company to correct problems, make changes, and handle all of your ERP support issues? What happens when the person decides on going on a cruise for 7-10 days? Can your business run without your ERP system for that time or longer?

Customer needs are not being met?

Your customer’s businesses are changing daily, are you able to react. How many times are you going to be able to tell your customer you cannot meet their order requirements. You need a reliable present-day ERP system in order to meet the needs of your customers and their ever-changing demands.

Inaccurate inventories, too much inventory, not enough of the “right” inventory

Do you have unlimited funds for stocking inventory you do not need? Probably not. Are your On-Time deliveries decreasing?  Typically, On-Time Delivery percentages decrease in direct correlation to the age of your ERP system and its antiquated methodology and ways.

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