SAP Field Service Management

Cloud Software for Back-Office and Field Operations

Built for growing small and midsize field service firms, LBSi has brought together two SAP software applications to manage both the back-office and field operations:  SAP® Business One and SAP® Field Service Management (FSM).

SAP Business One is a simple yet powerful cloud software to manage your back-office accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory management and service calls.

SAP FSM automates your customer service center processes with a cloud-based planning and scheduling board.  Field service leaders, managers, and stakeholders can make decisions based on real-time insights, gain visibility of field service operations, and take advantage of advanced analytical dashboards. 

SAP FSM Mobile empowers field technicians with a robust field service mobile app toolset including guided procedures and checklists to help solve issues on the first visit.  Technicians can get directions to the job site, capture travel time and costs, check in to the job, and capture effort, materials used, and expenses.

Integrated together, these solutions can help your business accelerate project execution, improve the productivity of service teams, and control costs.

Types of Service Companies We Fit

  • HVAC Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Industrial Repair Service Firms
  • Medical Service Firms
  • Fire and Safety Service Firms

Most contractors and service firms are struggling with similar challenges that create inefficiency and restrict business growth.  They are looking for a cloud accounting and field service management software solution to help them go paperless, and get away from all the emails, texts and paper disorganization.  They need to consistently manage repairs, new product installations, and planned maintenance activities while enabling field staff to track their time and work orders without the hassles of missing or incomplete data.  

Before implementing SAP FSM, Inicom Service had previously been filling out service workorders by hand and had to be re-entered and uploaded into the system.  With FSM, technicians orders are accessed through mobile or tablet. The FSM mobile app also contains a checklist that the technician can consult during the service operation.  Today, Inicom can operate with greater efficiency and complete customer orders in a significantly shorter time frame.

It’s time for SAP Business One and SAP Field Service Management.

SAP Business One + SAP FSM Solution Overview

SAP Business One and SAP Field Service Management FSM Process

SAP FSM | Field Service Workforce Management

Modern workforce management, scheduling and planning is easy with SAP Field Service Management.  Put the right people, with the right skills in the right place, on time, with all the parts needed.  

Use the scheduling/planning board for a single view to keep track of all important service information, such as work order status, address, equipment, service level agreements and more.  Work with all your activities: Planned, assigned, dispatched, reassigned or executed.  Drive service precision to deliver on your promised services with increased efficiency and resource utilization.  

Features of the SAP FSM Workforce Management Board include:

  • Dispatching board to plan activities and create service calls for field technicians
  • Manage complex schedule changes, and easily make adjustments using the drag-and-drop interface
  • Run the route visualization for optimized route planning
  • Access customer history data of work orders
  • Track essential assets
  • Match job requirements with field technician skills, availability, and location
  • Measure your field service metrics in real time

SAP FSM | Field Service Mobile App Capabilities

Field service technicians are an integral part of the sales and service team, providing a range of services like new product installations, maintenance activities, repair, and problem-solving support, as well as inspections and calibrations. 

Delivering service excellence starts with better communication — so your field technicians can easily interface with their team, access their schedules, and be prepared with technical resources.  Put the powerful FSM field service management mobile app into the hands of your field techs.  

The FSM Field Service mobile app features:

  • Immediate availability of important customer data – look up customer, product and billing information
  • Check-in and check-out of jobs
  • Create time/effort/expense/material and mileage activity for field service assignments and work orders
  • Add attachments, photos, and voice memos to activities
  • View maps for precise directions to customer locations
  • Cross-selling and up-selling opportunities thanks to seamless connection between field service technicians and sales
  • Follow checklists to ensure consistent process execution
  • Complete data entry, and send real-time job status to the back office
  • Capture customer signatures


Strengthen your productivity and service quality with Smartforms.  Field service technicians are prompted to gather the necessary information, and given access to relevant documentation such as product manuals, and video tutorials they need to provide high-quality customer service at any time – at any location.

Connections and Synchronization

No connection?  No problem.  Take advantage of offline synchronization and transfer all relevant data to SAP FSM and SAP Business One as soon as an internet connection is established.


The real-time printing function when connected to the cloud allows field service technicians to print or send reports and invoices to customers as soon as the service appointment is over.  The ability to create and print service and status reports while still on site increases overall business efficiency and customer satisfaction.   

The SAP FSM mobile app works on iOS, Android and Windows.  See more on the field service mobile app functionality in our blog article Mobile App Features Your Field Service Techs Need Now.

Customer Self Service Portal

The Customer Self-Service and QR code scanning application helps customers to help themselves to your service offering. 

They can scan a QR code, serial number, or any other unique identifier on a device. Then they have several self-service options to choose from. For example, they can review operational data and resolve the issue themselves or request remote assistance from an external support team.

With the self-service portal, you arrange a customer login and they can use the platform to request an appointment with a service technician online.  Real-time GPS tracking for keeps customers informed of field service arrival times.

SAP FSM Customer Self Service Portal

SAP Business One + FSM for a Full Service Software Solution

SAP Business One dashboard

Bring your back-office SAP Business One and field together with the simple integration included with SAP Field Service Management. 

SAP Business One is a modern business management software, including financials, sales/CRM, purchasing, inventory management, warehouse management, service and project management.  Why struggle with stand-alone, multiple point solutions for your field service business?

End to End Service Management Support

Better Manage Essential Data:  SAP Business One is the starting point where all master data is created and managed: customers, vendors, parts, and more. It is also the ending point of the process to close the loop from a service activity to invoice, to the financials. 

Better Manage Service Calls:  The service call component in SAP Business One enables you to intuitively manage your customer service calls.  You can document all information about calls, including information about the customer, the service item, and the issue reported.

Better Manage Inventory:  The simple integration of the SAP FSM solution into SAP Business One allows the most comprehensive tracking of your inventory across all process steps. Seamlessly track the journey of your parts from the warehouse, through the truck, to delivery to the customer.

Better Manage Invoicing:  When you’re using SAP Business One and FSM together, completed service call reports can be uploaded for invoicing.

Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of field service operations and enhancing customer experiences depend on streamlined and automated processes, smooth data flow, and increased transparency.

By connecting, coordinating, and standardizing field service procedures and then tapping into service analytics you can respond to customer needs  – quickly and accurately.  Improve productivity, deliver on customer expectations, and lay the foundation for new service offerings that drive revenues and loyalty.