SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Cloud Software for Production and Operations

SAP® Business One is an ERP software designed for the small/midsize manufacturer, and includes comprehensive manufacturing capabilities to optimize inventory, streamline production and reduce manufacturing cycle time. 

Many of the companies we’ve helped were frustrated with old or outdated manufacturing ERP software.  They were tired of trying to keep up with multiple, siloed software systems for accounting and manufacturing, and came to us for an ERP software to help them grow.

SAP Business One for manufacturing

What Manufacturers Look for in ERP Software

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are powerful tools that can help you manage your business processes, data, and resources.  When talking with small and midsize manufacturers, we consistently hear the same business needs they expect from manufacturing ERP software:

  • Need to manage all types of bills of materials, and multi-level bills of materials.
  • Need to manage production orders and routing electronically.
  • Need to incorporate landed costs for material coming from overseas.
  • Need to record, track and produce serial and/or batch numbers for incoming and outgoing products.
  • Need to conduct materials planning, purchasing and inventory forecasting projections within MRP.

How does ERP Software Help Manufacturing?

By integrating sales, customers, financials, purchasing and production operations, an ERP solution gives you the cross-company visibility you need to make decisions based on real-time information.  Armed with insight into every aspect of manufacturing, you can readily monitor performance, eliminate inefficiencies, and identify profitable opportunities.

Key Features and Functionality of SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Standard functionality and best practices for production comes within SAP Business One and is designed with the small/midsize manufacturer in mind.  Improve your business by optimizing inventory and streamlining production management processes. 

If you need more than what comes out-of-the-box, we can introduce certified add-ons for deeper functionality.  LBSi is a development factory for manufacturing enhancements, such as our Advanced Manufacturing and Material Planning (AMMP) add-on.

Types of Manufacturing Companies That Fit SAP Business One

  • Make-to-stock manufacturing
  • Make-to-order manufacturing
  • Mixed-mode manufacturing
  • Assembly operations
  • Job shop production
  • Repetitive manufacturing
  • Batch manufacturing

We also have experience with specific verticals within the manufacturing space — including automotive, chemicals, electronics, fabricated metals, food, furniture, lighting, machinery and equipment, and consumer goods.  In fact, there are over 75,000 companies running SAP Business One worldwide.

Why SAP Business One and LBSi?

SAP Business One provides comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, tailored to address the business goals and pain points of the small to midsized manufacturer – with a solution that fits your budget and includes a capable core of operations that can be expanded as you scale and grow. 

LBSi worked with a manufacturer of packaging products that was struggling with manual tracking of raw materials, and their production numbers were inconsistent.  Now, inventory is visible and controlled throughout production, and the right amount of material is available to create the required amount of finished product. 

“SAP Business One is a one-stop shop and my team is able to find multiple points of information.  When using SAP Business One, everything you need is in one place.”  – Bob Jenkins, Production Planning at Nelson Packaging. 

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