Straight Line

What is a straight line? The distance between two points is defined as a straight line simply because connecting the two points creates a straight line.  That’s how we got the popular statement that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.   We wish life’s path was that easy!   While most of […]


Nothing in life is guaranteed, but the possibilities and opportunities are definitely something that should keep you going.

Comfy & Cozy.

The idea of Fall brings about many thoughts of the comfy and the cozy, such as using warm scarfs and mittens again when venturing outside, drinking a warm mug of apple cider, or consuming anything pumpkin spice.  Although some think that the pumpkin spice flavored in everything has gone a bit too far, I personally […]

Software Isn’t the Most Important Thing.

For SMEs, the most important aspect of choosing an ERP software is NOT just the software. I recently had the opportunity of remodeling five bathrooms over two years. The first year, I contracted with a large company to remodel two bathrooms simultaneously. I was impressed with their slick sales presentation, resources, and endless promises of […]