SAP Business One Landed Cost

When pricing an item, your company may want to consider freight, duty, customs, etc in the cost of the item.  This may include not only physical components but any cost associated with obtaining the parts or material for producing the part.  If you’re importing items or having an outside service do some of your production you need to capture additional costs, […]

SAP Business One System Message Preferences and Maintenance

SAP Business One has some standard built-in system messages that occur when a certain function is executed.  One example appears when a sales order is duplicated.  When a new Business Partner is entered the system warns the user with the following message: At this point the user can either confirm the change by clicking the […]

SAP Business One Transaction Codes

SAP Business One uses abbreviations to designate transactions types.  These abbreviations give a quick reference point to the user identifying the source of the transactions. The abbreviations appear in the origin field on a Journal Entry screen or a Cash Flow report, but are also displayed in financial and inventory reports and other areas throughout […]

Relationship Map

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well that certainly applies to Relationship Map in SAP Business One.  This graphical representation is created when you use the “Copy To” and “Copy From” functionality on marketing documents.  You launch the Relationship Map through a Right click in the blank space of a marketing document […]

Down Payments

Often times, a vendor may need a down payment on a purchase.  SAP Business One handles this through the A/P Down Payment process. First, the user must specify a Payment Advances account.  To set the account, select Administration → Setup → Financials →  G/L Account Determination and then go to the General sub-tab of the […]


SAP Business One uses the use of lists throughout the database to help the user in managing and creating information accurately.  The most familiar option within SAP is the “Choose from List” icon appearing in fields.  This option allows the field to be populated from a list by selecting a value from the list.  Clicking […]

Without Qty Posting

We all like the convenience of shopping online and having our orders shipped directly to our door.  Unfortunately, that convenience has also given the rise to the “porch pirate.”  The experience of ordering something that either arrives damaged or not delivered at all is being more common among consumers. Whether we blame the modern-day “pirate” […]