B1 Print & Delivery

Effective and Automated Communication

B1 Print & Delivery (B1P&D) automates the entire communication now in SAP Business One.
It enables employees to maximize their productivity by handling day-to-day repetitive communication-related tasks, such as emailing, viewing, printing, and saving documents and reports.
B1P&D also boosts team synergy by delivering customized
messages through collaboration tools such as Microsoft
Teams or Slack, as well as sending activities and internal
messages within SAP Business One to your team members.
All of this is entirely automated.
Let B1 Print & Delivery take care of the work, while your
team focuses on achieving their business objectives.

SAP Business One value proposition

Key Benefits and Features

  • Competitive advantage for your business
  • Communicate effectively
  • Automate the communication flow
  • Optimize your work

Click to download the B1 Print & Delivery Fact Sheet.