SAP Business One vs QuickBooks from a Customer Perspective

You have probably read numerous articles on the differences between QuickBooks and SAP Business One. This article gives you a customer perspective and includes comments from a few of our clients in addition to a summary of some of the differences compiled by LBSi. QuickBooks is an Accounting System. SAP Business One is an ERP […]

Returning Customer Deposits

If a customer cancels an order and requests a deposit return, SAP Business One lays out the steps taken to handle a prepayment in the AR Down payment process. One method is to use an outgoing payment to reimburse the customer, but this will not create a true representation of the process when using the […]

2019 Mobile Industry Predictions

William Dudley is seldom incorrect when it comes to his predictions. The mobile industry is ever-changing; what was once consisted of mobile operators and devices has changed to servicing a number of technologies, trends, channels, regulations and more. 2019 just began and has already altered the mobile industry. Last week, Apple issued revenue warnings regarding […]

Oxford Economics: How Finance Leadership Pays Off

Six Ways CFO’s Stay Ahead of the Pack About this report:  Oxford Economics and SAP conducted a global telephone survey during March and April of 2017. We reached 1,500 financial executives in the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, Russia, Qatar, […]

SAP Business One Mobile Service App

Overview of your service tickets: Call your customers. View customer locations on a map. Filter your service tickets. Check and synchronize your service tickets in yourmonthly calendar. Configure your personal settings. View, edit, close, share and print your service tickets easily. The information banner on the top of the page shows the validity of the […]

SAP Business One Mobile Sales App

Central access to all sales-relevant modules Shows number of open items Access to SAP Business One calendar and activities View activities assigned to you in a calendar format Edit and close existing activities or create new activities Create follow-up activities Create sales opportunities, quotations, or orders based on activities Assign activities to a group recipient […]

Material Planning in Push and Pull Systems

Software that streamlines production is a boon to business. The right technology can reduce overhead costs by minimizing manpower and preventing excess inventory. Once the excess is trimmed and controlled, revenue builds. Central to the discussion of how is material planning. Many materials requirement planning (MRP) programs emphasize a push system. In a push system of […]

SAP Business One Road Map December 2018

   Enhance functions addressing wholesale and retail; adjust functions such as price determination, bonus calculation, articles that cannot be discounted, assortments  Fine-tuning of functions in service and CRM; service module enhancements: PM billing wizard for service; service module equipment card; ability to link to fixed assets  Production module enhancements such as outsourcing, […]