To Spend or Not to Spend (on an ERP System) – That Is the Question

From the title, you may have thought you were reading a play by Shakespeare. Don’t worry that is about all I remember. When thinking about spending we have to remember that it can take many forms such as time, resources and of course money. Well, let’s take a look at some decisions we make that […]

Manufacturing for Today

Manufacturing today….and looking at tomorrow. 2020 started with a robust and growing economy.  Unfortunately, that changed quickly in March with a worldwide pandemic that affected all of us.  Labor markets, resources, supply chains, and the basics of supply and demand all changed.  Faced with the challenges of having to change operations to produce either different […]

The Benefits of Software Maintenance.

As seasons change, it reminds us to take care of some tasks.  In the Spring we need to clean the flower beds, get the lawn equipment tuned and ready for use, and get the patio furniture ready for hopefully and long and sunny Summer.  Winter brings its own set of tasks such as getting the […]

ERP Software License Types

If you read my October blog titled “What is the Cloud?” you may have learned what a definition of “the cloud” is. If you missed it, you can view that blog here. Some ERP software publishers classify that they “are in the cloud.”  Some also say they have on-premise licenses; and some refer to them […]

What Is the Cloud?

We all have memories; Some better than others and some of us remember things differently. I can still recite many part numbers from a manufacturing company I worked with for over 22 years and which I left 26 years ago. Some say that I have a great memory yet I cannot recite my children or […]

Keys to a Successful ERP Software Implementation

You made your selection of the software package and now the work begins. These 5 “key” points are all post software selection. You already did your due diligence in selecting the software and the implementation partner. In order to benefit from your software purchase, you must now successfully implement the software. Management Buy-In: A successful […]

SAP Business One Transaction Codes

SAP Business One uses abbreviations to designate transactions types.  These abbreviations give a quick reference point to the user identifying the source of the transactions. The abbreviations appear in the origin field on a Journal Entry screen or a Cash Flow report, but are also displayed in financial and inventory reports and other areas throughout […]

7 Reasons to Look for a New ERP System

Your technology is obsolete Manufacturers and Distributors that are operating on old technology are not getting the information they need to run their businesses in a timely manner. In many cases, you are relying on an “IT department” that you have to contact every time you need to have a new report or piece of […]

Pick Pack and Production Manager

Facilitating product shipments efficiently to the customer is essential for any business. This requires coordination from several departments and various staff, potentially involving several offices or warehouse locations.  SAP Business One offers a solution: the Pick Pack and Production Manager. The Pick Pack and Production Manager allows organizations to facilitate order processing and shipping.  It allows […]

5 Quick Tips for the Software Selection Process

Implementing a new ERP software system for your company can seem stressful and tricky.  When it comes to growing your business, you want to be sure you are on the right track for your success.  Knowing some tips and tricks will help make things easier when starting the software selection process.  Some of the best […]