6 Key Phases of an ERP Implementation Plan

An ERP is a software system that integrates all the business processes of a company into a single software package. This can include functions such as accounting, human resources, and production. ERP systems can be tailored to the specific needs of a company, and can often help to increase efficiency and profits. ERP systems are […]

Straight Line

What is a straight line? The distance between two points is defined as a straight line simply because connecting the two points creates a straight line.  That’s how we got the popular statement that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.   We wish life’s path was that easy!   While most of […]

Life’s a Beach

For many of us, it’s that time of the year where we could use a little break.  The days are getting much colder and much shorter while the holiday stress continues to pile up.  It seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done or to get ahead on future projects.  […]

Cyber Monday Chaos

Every year, it seems like the online holiday deals start earlier and earlier.  By the time Halloween rolls around, many stores and corporations are already preparing for the holiday rush.  People notoriously panic about making sure they’re getting this year’s hottest trends while simultaneously getting the best prices possible.  Companies anticipate making the majority of […]

Comfy & Cozy.

The idea of Fall brings about many thoughts of the comfy and the cozy, such as using warm scarfs and mittens again when venturing outside, drinking a warm mug of apple cider, or consuming anything pumpkin spice.  Although some think that the pumpkin spice flavored in everything has gone a bit too far, I personally […]

Some things are just better together…LBSi, SAP and ERP!

Anything of quality certainly stands out by itself, but when combined with something of equal quality or value the results are exceptional. Like a bat and ball.  One without the other certainly isn’t much fun.  Left and right.  One without the other has you going around in circles.  Sweet and salty.  There are so many […]

The Dog ‘Daze’ of ERP

The Dog Days of Summer is the time that usually spans between June 3 and August 11.  This point in the year brings to mind sweltering, oppressive heat and something to be avoided.  Sounds like a good time to escape and take a vacation.  Some think the term Dog Days refers to something so hot […]