Down Payments

Often times, a vendor may need a down payment on a purchase.  SAP Business One handles this through the A/P Down Payment process. First, the user must specify a Payment Advances account.  To set the account, select Administration → Setup → Financials →  G/L Account Determination and then go to the General sub-tab of the […]


SAP Business One uses the use of lists throughout the database to help the user in managing and creating information accurately.  The most familiar option within SAP is the “Choose from List” icon appearing in fields.  This option allows the field to be populated from a list by selecting a value from the list.  Clicking […]

Pickers Display

SAP Business One allows a user to perform additional functions without leaving the current window.  This helps to reduce time. This is managed on the main toolbar by selecting View → Pickers Display.  The options are turned on and off by clicking the highlighted icon associated to the function. Examples of functions: Choose from ‘List’ […]

Without Qty Posting

We all like the convenience of shopping online and having our orders shipped directly to our door.  Unfortunately, that convenience has also given the rise to the “porch pirate.”  The experience of ordering something that either arrives damaged or not delivered at all is being more common among consumers. Whether we blame the modern-day “pirate” […]

Pick Pack and Production Manager

Facilitating product shipments efficiently to the customer is essential for any business. This requires coordination from several departments and various staff, potentially involving several offices or warehouse locations.  SAP Business One offers a solution: the Pick Pack and Production Manager. The Pick Pack and Production Manager allows organizations to facilitate order processing and shipping.  It allows […]

Data Ownership

Protect Your Data with Data Ownership in SAP Business One Every company using SAP Business One will have some combination of general authorizations with a particular license to grant its users’ access to documents in the database.  This level of control is by the object, meaning access granted to the object grants access to every […]

SAP – Can One Size Really Fit All?

We all know that one size does not always fit all, but SAP Business One is a fit for your business – regardless of size or number of employees.  SAP enables the user experience to feel personal and comfortable while empowering them with tools to move a business forward.  Users are able to make the […]

User Groups in SAP Business One Improve Organizational Control

Customization is just one of the many methods to enhance the SAP Business One experience. User groups can be used to easily set authorizations, look and feel of screens, alerts and form (Screen) Settings.  User groups can help you administer these tasks at a group level as opposed to an individual user level.  Released in […]

Inventory Aging Report

Inventory Aging Report from SAP Business One Staying on top of your inventory is crucial when it comes to project management and planning.  SAP Business One offers an Inventory Aging Report that enables its users to obtain up-to-the-minute aging of current in-stock quantities as well as transactions specific to those items.  The Inventory Aging Report […]

SAP Business One Partner

From sales and customer relationships to financials and operations, SAP Business One application provides an affordable, comprehensive solution for managing your entire business.  With SAP Business One, businesses can streamline operations, act on time-sensitive and complete information and accelerate profitable growth.  LBSi has been a proud partner with SAP Business One since 2004 and have […]