Returning to the Office

With many businesses continuing to open back up, many employees will begin transitioning from working from home to working back in the office at the start of the new year.  While many people are eager to return to the normal 8:00-5:00 workday in a traditional office setting, many workers are hesitant to return to the […]

What Is ERP?

By definition, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a software that combines all the functions needed for a business to operate.  Since there are many aspects to a business such as inventory management, accounting, sales, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and human resources just to mention a few, an ERP solution integrates all these functions into one […]

ERP Software License Types

If you read my October blog titled “What is the Cloud?” you may have learned what a definition of “the cloud” is. If you missed it, you can view that blog here. Some ERP software publishers classify that they “are in the cloud.”  Some also say they have on-premise licenses; and some refer to them […]

What Is the Cloud?

We all have memories; Some better than others and some of us remember things differently. I can still recite many part numbers from a manufacturing company I worked with for over 22 years and which I left 26 years ago. Some say that I have a great memory yet I cannot recite my children or […]

Improving Your Manufacturing Process

No man is an island, John Donne said, but unshared information can be. And a manufacturer can easily find itself evolving a veritable archipelago studded with “islands of information,” if it doesn’t pay attention to how its information is managed and focus on key areas that affect its manufacturing process. Enterprise Resource Planning provides a […]

How Social Media Can Work for Manufacturing

The capabilities of social media are shifting into the manufacturing sector.  77% of current owners and IT decision influencers are already using social technologies to collaborate and share information that impacts decisions.  Organization members familiar with Facebook and similar social media are comfortable operating collaboratively with enterprise social media. Manufacturers who recognize the cooperative energy of […]

Why Should I Get Help With My Production Order Scheduling?

Production order scheduling is a technique that is used in pretty much every manufacturing company in the world, and especially in the United States. Every company that manufactures a product typically needs to not only plan for the raw materials to be available, but the resource (machine, people and vendor time) as well. You can’t make […]

Your Unique Contract Manufacturing ERP

So you and your team finally landed that big contract you were all gunning for. As the smiles and congratulatory fist bumps fade the realization sets in that now you must DELIVER on that Contract manufacturing agreement you just made! The sweat begins to run and you know you need a partner in this business. Everyone needs […]

Don’t guess the cost of a new engine for your business – Plan for it

In general, we know the approximate cost of the big-ticket items in our consumer lives, but we have no idea about what a critical business tool may cost us. As a consumer, you know roughly what a car, a new kitchen appliance or even a vacation home may cost. As a business owner however, do […]

Mega Trends

Middle Class: 5 Billion People  People on Social and Business Networks: 1.3 Billion  15 Billion Web Enabled Devices  Data is Doubling Every 18 Months  More Mobile Devices than People