Comfy & Cozy.

The idea of Fall brings about many thoughts of the comfy and the cozy, such as using warm scarfs and mittens again when venturing outside, drinking a warm mug of apple cider, or consuming anything pumpkin spice.  Although some think that the pumpkin spice flavored in everything has gone a bit too far, I personally think this conjures up the ultimate reference to the Fall.  Sitting in front of a fire, with some lighted candles in your favorite warm sweater sounds like the perfect moment.  Of course,  don’t forget to wrap yourself up in a thick throw while sipping some hot chocolate or consuming your favorite homemade soup.  Ahhh in that moment, life is good!

While comfy and cozy usually brings the calm laid-back relaxation we all need and is great for our mental health, it is not always the best practice for an organization.  While we all need to take time to be in the moment, fully focused on what is going on in the present and not looking beyond, it is definitely not something good for business.  While a business should appreciate and take a moment to bask in success and accomplishment, it should never be so complacent that it loses sight of the future.  Looking and striving for that next best thing or solution needs to be the focal point.  Forward-thinking and being an industry leader are attributes resulting in success.  You never want your comfy and cozy to result in the same old thinking to produce the same old results.  Always strive to improve and do things better, and be better than you were yesterday.

A business needs to embrace change.  That usually means getting out of our comfy and cozy and making decisions that not only impact today but also tomorrow and beyond.  Unfortunately, none of us have all the answers.  That’s why partnering with experienced professionals helps make the unknown less intimidating.  Most projects aren’t usually that difficult once you get started.   With the ever-evolving changes in technology and the challenges playing out daily in the global marketplace, put your trust in a partner dedicated to customer success.  A proven solutions leader with experience in manufacturing, distribution, and service.  A solutions partner that can help streamline operations, implement and manage the latest software and hardware solutions,  and accelerate your organizations’ profitability, efficiency, performance, and growth.  Decades of experience and successes with other organizations give you peace of mind when choosing a partnership. 

Always take time to enjoy the comfy cozy moments that life has to offer.  While appreciating that single moment in time, never lose the opportunity to focus on the better that tomorrow has to offer.  To quote Johnny Cash, “We’re all this together if we’re in it at all.”   Always remember that a little progress each day can add up to big results tomorrow.  All we need is to venture out of our comfy cozy. 

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