Cyber Monday Chaos

Every year, it seems like the online holiday deals start earlier and earlier.  By the time Halloween rolls around, many stores and corporations are already preparing for the holiday rush.  People notoriously panic about making sure they’re getting this year’s hottest trends while simultaneously getting the best prices possible.  Companies anticipate making the majority of their holiday revenue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday while trying to strategize how to stay organized amongst society’s many recent challenges and changes while somehow managing to out-profit their competitors. 

What is Black Friday?

As everyone is settling in from their Thanksgiving food comas, most (if not all retail stores) begin to prepare for Black Friday, aka the day after Thanksgiving.  Stores open earlier, stay open much later, and offer seemingly too-good-to-be-true prices on holiday gifts. Many bargain hunters used to be camped outside the doors hours, if not days in advance to be first in line for the best deals.  In recent years, many people have resorted to staying in and holiday shopping from the comfort of their homes rather than trying and combat the stampedes of shoppers.

What about Cyber Monday?

Think Black Friday, but on a Monday and only online.  Over the last 15 years, Cyber Monday has grown increasingly in popularity by offering better deals and the convenience of not having to leave home to deal with holiday shopping

Are the deals worth the hype?


How Using SAP Business One and LBSi can help:

LBSi offers ShipVia LBSi Freight Optimizer enhancement for SAP Business One as a solution for manufacturers and distributors to better manage and track their shipments.  Using SAP Business One already simplifies managing inventory needs and sales progress; with ShipVia LBSi, users will be able to rate shop for the lowest shipping rates while having fast and easy communication with freight carriers.  Shipment details can be updated automatically within SAP Business One Marketing Documents and users can view or void any previous shipments.

Staying up to date on this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals can help prevent any unwanted chaos or stress for shoppers.  Staying ahead of the competition and optimizing your entire organization managing not only inventory but also managing shipments – ( both inventory and freight shipping) can help companies stay one step ahead.  Read more about how ShipVia LBSi can better streamline your business here.

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