Don’t guess the cost of a new engine for your business – Plan for it

Technology in the handsIn general, we know the approximate cost of the big-ticket items in our consumer lives, but we have no idea about what a critical business tool may cost us. As a consumer, you know roughly what a car, a new kitchen appliance or even a vacation home may cost. As a business owner however, do you know what a new financial system will run?
And if you don’t know how much it costs, how do you budget for it? You can get software for $99, all the way up to the millions. But what is right for you? What should you approximately budget for next year or the year after when you are planning to make a change.
Most accounting, inventory, ERP or manufacturing systems are in place for a decade (or more). If you are going to buy an asset with that lifetime, it makes some sense to do some pre-planning work, before you even begin the software selection process. You want to go out and get a budgetary quote to plan with. A quote that will help you understand the software price, the consulting fees and the customization or development costs needed to make a system work for your company. You can use it for planning, so when the time to make the change is finally here, the cost is something you are in the know about.
At LBSI, we do this for both our clients looking to update their system and for prospective customers that aren’t engaged with us yet. We invest a couple of hours with you in an open and honest conversation about your business. No selling on our part – just the desire to understand your business well enough to give you a budgetary quote that you can use for planning purposes.
If you think this would be helpful, or just want to learn more, click here to start the process or give us a call at 877-605-5274 x111 or email at [email protected]
Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) is a gold SAP Business One partner with offices in Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Pittsburgh

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