Advanced Manufacturing & Material Planning Solution

AMMP Overview

The Advanced Manufacturing and Material Planning (AMMP) enhancement for SAP Business One was developed to extend the functionality of SAP Business One to meet the needs of small-to-mid-sized manufacturing and distribution companies.

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AMMP Item Projected Availability

Material Planning Enhancements

A summary of some of the enhancements. Download the PDF document for a detailed list.

  • User-Friendly Planning Generation Screen
  • Integrates material planning with production order scheduling
  • Planning by warehouse
  • Distribution Requirements Planning (interacts with Transfer Order processing)
  • Order Recommendation console allows users to review requirements and create supply documents. An enhanced view provides additional information necessary to make procurement decisions without going to other modules or screens
  • Additional planning fields not included in standard SAP Business One:
    • What If Material Requirements by just entering an item number, quantity, and due date
    • Projected Availability (Available To Promise) that includes forecasts, safety stock, and all planned and actual supplies and demands
  • All demands are ‘pegged’ to supplies
  • Easy access to detailed information directly from the Order Recommendation Console

Forecasting Enhancements

  • Forecast by Warehouse
  • Use Bookings (Orders Entered) or Sales Invoices and Credits
  • 10+ Algorithms Moving Average, Seasonality, and Trends
  • Assign the forecast algorithm to an item group, item and item/warehouse combination
  • Create a weekly forecast for the first month, then monthly beyond the first month
  • Forecast consumption alerts throughout the month
  • Forecast by Item Group and not a specific Item Code
  • History by Sales, Bookings, and Usage
  • Can load history for several years without loading all the history transactions, which greatly helps with data conversion and being able to use forecasting immediately
  • Stand-Alone Forecast Simulator to help determine the algorithm and parameters to use
AMMP Item Planning Details
AMMP Sales Order Console

Console Screens

Our Console and Schedule Screens allow users to view detailed information (in a user-friendly grid format) about several documents at one-time; provide the ability to filter screens and to view first line summary of documents; automatic refresh option on select screens; easy export to Microsoft Excel; as well as update select fields on screens.

  • Sales Quotation Console
  • Sales Order Console
  • Sales Order Shipping Console
  • A/R Collections Console
  • Purchase Order Console
  • Service Calls Console
  • Production Orders Schedule Console
  • Production Resource Schedule Console

Sales Order Enhanced Functionality

  • Easily create purchase orders, production orders, transfer requests, and transfer orders directly from a sales order line
  • Check component availability for production items
  • Download the PDF document for a detailed list
AMMP Planning Generation
AMMP What If Order Recommendations

Production Order Enhanced Functionality

Download the PDF document for a detailed list

  • Assign materials to a Resource (Work Center)
  • User-Defined Production Order and Operation production statuses
  • Utilize Operation Codes (ISO Work Instructions)
  • Freeze Production Orders and Operations
  • Scheduling Functionality (Forward and Backward) Infinite and Finite)

Labor & Machine Data Collection

What is forecasting? Why does somebody need this enhancement?

  • Clock on and off of production orders or just enter labor card information
  • Progress quantity complete and rejected through operations
  • Ability to clock on more than one production order at a time
  • Validate operation quantity complete does not exceed previous operations quantity complete
  • Can choose to post time to production orders or just use it for reporting
  • Validate operation quantity complete does not exceed previous operations quantity complete
  • Can choose to post time to production orders or just use it for reporting
  • Can transact by operation#, operation code or resource
  • User-defined reject reason codes
  • Charge and track indirect labor (not to production orders), does not affect accounting
  • Transaction table in SAP for queries and reporting

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