FocusPoint™ eCommerce for SAP Business One

Focused Impressions, an SAP Solution Provider, provides FocusPoint – an eCommerce and marketing platform designed exclusively for SAP Business One. This fully integrated software solution manages complex B2B relationships as well as B2C and D2C channels. A uniquely adaptable eCommerce platform, FocusPoint was built using SAP tools to configure any SAP setup including User Defined Objects, Tables and Fields, or Pricing scenarios. The result: SAP Business One users eliminate development costs and time-to-market delays. Frictionless integration with SAP Business One lowers the total cost of ownership as customers never have to worry about unexpected eCommerce costs while growing their business. 

Self-Service Portals and Webstores

Tight integrations with SAP Business One and unmatched expertise in eCommerce enable the setup of customer self-service portals and webstores in just minutes vs. the days it takes with other solutions. Plus, additional webstores and microsites are set up at no additional charge

Integration with SAP Business One

Using SAP Business One integration tools, FocusPoint offers the deepest and lowest cost integration to SAP Business One. Core mappings and bi-directional functionality between SAP Business One and FocusPoint are ready to go on day one.

B2B - B2C - D2C eCommerce and Marketing

FocusPoint gives SAP Business One users One platform for multi-channel capabilities, Incorporating eCommerce, sale, marketing, and Point-of-Sale (POS) – all fully integrated with SAP Business One and SAP Business One S/4HANA.


FocusPoint aggregates marketing content and vendors at a single pace to streamline campaign execution across communication channels. A suite of reports and dashboards can be accessed on-demand 24/7. Plus, you can extend campaign reach and audience with the click of a button that integrates campaigns with your social media platforms.

Download the FocusPoint eCommerce for SAP Business One document for more information.