How LBSi Is Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

The effects of the COVID-19 Virus continue on and we are learning that this is the “new normal”. We are all learning every day how to cope with the pandemic and the new normal.  With this in mind, we must beat this together and in doing so:

  • Products must be manufactured
  • Warehouses need to stock
  • Items need to be procured
  • Goods need to be transported
  • Stores need to be open
  • Consumers need to purchase and consume from stores, restaurants, entertainment facilities, night clubs, bars, etc.

These are all the things we have been doing all of our lives. 

LBSi is doing the following:

  • We have always been structured so all of our team members can work remote.
  • We have external and internal servers. We beefed up our backups and have them in multiple places including off site storage, cloud, and other network locations.
  • We have beefed up our security software to assure that all of our servers, desk tops and lap tops are safe from viruses and spam.
  • We have limited team members in our offices so that safe distancing guidelines can be followed
  • We supply the essentials to all of our team members and their families: masks, disinfectant, wipes and yes even toilet paper on occasion.
  • Several of our clients produce some of the goods consumers cannot locate (hand sanitizer, masks and other Personal Protection supplies). With the client’s approval LBSi shares this information with our clients.
  • We follow all of the recommended Center for Disease guidelines.
  • We follow all guidelines and rules/laws enforced by the states and local ordinances where our team members are operating out of.
  • We are limiting customer and prospect on site visits and have increased our meeting and video software infrastructure to facilitate our meetings.
  • We started a program approximately 3 months ago (around the start of the pandemic and lockdowns) to build a large library of training and information videos for our clients. In this short time, we have produced over 35 videos.
  • We hired new team members during this time and are continuing to grow the support team

LBSi is in this with you. Together we will traverse the “new Normal” and get through all of this.

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