How to Stay Focused While Working from Home

While the United States continues to open back up, many workers are still working from home. Working from home has its advantages, as well as its disadvantages. While working from home helps to keep yourself (and others) safe, it allows for getting distracted more easily and feeling isolated.  Your home/living space isn’t always the ideal space to convert into a work station, but these tips can help make working from home go a little smoother.

  • Set daily goals – Remaining organized and sticking to a schedule can help you to stay on task. By setting daily goals, you’ll be able to better focus as well as stay motivated to complete them. 
  • Stay engaged with coworkers to prevent getting burnt out – While still in the office, having brief chats with coworkers was a great way to recharge and allowed for fast, easy communication. Communicating primarily over email can make things feel impersonal or opens the door for a disconnect/misinterpretation.  Using video chat for meetings and calls allows employees to connect face-to-face and allows for some socialization during the workday.
  • Stay on top of communication – Emails tend to pile up and accidentally get unanswered. Keep your emails organized in specific folders and alert team members when certain tasks are complete.
  • Take short, scheduled breaks – Save yourself from getting burned out by the end of the day. Taking a five-minute break every few hours is a good way to refresh your mind and increase your mental focus.  Stepping away from the computer screen allows your eyes to rest and gives you time to focus on the remaining tasks for the day.
  • Have a designated work area – Don’t have a home office? Assign a specific area in your home to be your temporary workspace.  Choose somewhere where you can refrain from distractions and will be able to focus on work. 

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