ERP trends, current and future trends in erp, one size fits all, not a fit

Is It Time to Break Up with Your Current ERP?

Are you in a one-sided relationship with your ERP system?

You’re in a long-term, committed relationship with your ERP system.  Shortly after implementation, your ERP solution didn’t meet your current and future needs.  It was a little basic, turned out to be not a fit, and caused extra frustration. There wasn’t much research done prior to the implementation; you thought the standard package was fine. They said ‘One size fits all”.

ERP trends, current and future trends in erp, one size fits all, not a fit, frustrated

While it claimed to be ‘user-friendly,’ this ERP system didn’t work well for some of your coworkers. It’s difficult to communicate between your company branches or read current inventory.  Managing your relationships with your current customers has become a struggle.  After a few weeks, you realize that using an ERP system shouldn’t feel this way.

Even though it claims to be efficient and inexpensive, you feel that you could be getting more out of your ERP system.  Upon further use, you’ve noticed little-to-no progress towards your company’s growth or towards achieving your company goals. Basically, you feel like you’re the one doing all the work. 

Here are some signs that the relationship between you and your current ERP system is one-sided:

- Using and navigating your ERP system is exhausting.

While planning for the future can be intimidating and stressful, your ERP should help aid you in mapping out your company’s growth and success. 


-There's no real or meaningful connection; you’re doing all the work,

ERP systems are meant to help streamline your entire business with a single application.  It should be giving you important business updates and alerts automatically.

- You’re wondering what else is out there.

“Could there be an ERP system out there that’s a better fit for me?”  If you find yourself asking this question more frequently, it might be time to call it quits with your current ERP system. Contacting a trusted ERP professional partner will start you in the right direction of how to move your business forward and find software that better fits your business. 

- You feel like you could use some additional training.

Your current implementation partner didn’t give you all the training you needed before or after implementing your software.  You deserve a partner that offers full transparency and step-by-step updates along the way.

If this sounds all too familiar, it might be time to break up with your current ERP system and switch to SAP Business One.

Feeling stuck with or settling for your current ERP system doesn’t have to last forever.  This is your business; you deserve an ERP system that manages your goals, solves your problems, and maximizes profits. SAP Business One is that solution for you. 

The LBSi consultants are here to guide you through your decision-making and implementation process.

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