Labor Tracking Solution

The LBSi Labor Tracking Solution was developed specifically for SAP Business One using the SAP SDK. The solution provides labor entry transaction functionality in SAP Business One™ that is not included in the standard product. Transactions can be entered against a production order or indirect labor code without directly logging into SAP Business One.

Transactions are real time and do not require any batch processes to run or generate. Unlike other labor tracking systems, the transactions are stored in the SAP Business One tables and as such the issue of the data not being in sync between an external labor systems and SAP Business One go away.

Transactions Include

• Direct labor entry
• Setup labor entry
• Indirect labor entry
• Move of finished goods or
sub-assemblies to inventory
• Support of serial numbers for
finished goods or sub-assemblies

Need more information about the Labor Tracking Solution enhancement?  Download the Labor Tracking Solution Brief to learn more.