Linking Documents with Reference Document

Linking Documents with Reference Document

If you’ve been using SAP Business One for some time you’re probably familiar with the Relationship Map.  This powerful tool offers a quick graphical view of related documents.  The relationship between base documents and target documents are created from within SAP using the “Copy To” and “Copy From” functionality.  In today’s dynamic business environment many times there is a need to create additional marketing transactions associated with a sale or a purchase.  Wouldn’t it be nice to reference those transactions in a Relationship Map?  In version 9.2, SAP Business One has addressed the issue of linking marketing documents created across different modules, allowing the user the option to keep the functionality and benefits of the Relationship Map even when documents are not created using “Copy To” or “Copy From”.  The Referenced Document component is available in marketing documents and accessed on the accounting tab.  As of version 9.3 patch level 10 the following documents have the option on the accounting tab available:

Sales – A/R

  • Sales Quotation
  • Sales Order
  • Delivery
  • Return Request
  • Return
  • A/R. Down Payment Request
  • A/R Down Payment Invoice
  • A/R Invoice
  • A/R Invoice Payment
  • A/R Reserve Invoice

Purchasing – A/P

  • Purchase Quotation
  • Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt PO
  • Goods Return Request
  • Goods Return
  • A/P Down Payment Request
  • A/P Down Payment Invoice
  • A/P Invoice
  • A/P Credit Memo


  • Production Order

The Reference Document feature connects to the following docs:

Once a document is created and updated from within the Reference Document it can now be viewed from the Relationship Map.  Right Click in the background of a document to launch the Relationship Map and choose Marketing Document: Referenced Documents.

You can see the relationship to the referenced document by clicking on the document shown in the Relationship Map window. On the opened documents go to the accounting tab to open the Referenced Document window.  The first tab Documents Referenced To displays the origin of the link. The Document Referenced By tab displays what other documents are using the reference.

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