SAP Business One uses the use of lists throughout the database to help the user in managing and creating information accurately.  The most familiar option within SAP is the “Choose from List” icon appearing in fields.  This option allows the field to be populated from a list by selecting a value from the list.  Clicking the “Form Settings” icon opens a separate window containing the valid options.  If you know some of the information you are looking for, then the list window allows the user to search using the Find box.  You can specify a letter or number in the “Find” field and the system will automatically display values from the list that match the characters specified by the user.

In the example on the left, we see the information starting with BP Code.  The list is automatically sorted in ascending order of the first column, but you sort by any column by double-clicking on the column header. When this is done, the black triangle appearing in the column designates that this is the active sort column for the values you specify in the “Find” field.  Double-click the active column heading to make the sort order ascending or descending.  The black triangle changes to indicate the direction of the sort.

To select a value from the list, highlight the row in the list and select the “Choose” button or press the Enter key on the keyboard. Alternatively, you can also double-click the row.  If no selection is made and you wish to exit select the “Cancel” button and the list window closes.  If you need to enter a new value to an existing list you then select the “New” button.  Depending on the document this option will open the associated window to create the new information.

SAP Business One gives the user some default settings for lists, but this is easy to change for use in your business.  From our previous example, your organization might prefer to search on BP Name instead of BP Code.  That is easily done by selecting the Form Settings icon while viewing the open list window.

The List of Settings for the list window you wish to change shows the fields displayed and the order they appear on an open list window.  The first field is the searchable field for the Find option. The user has the option to change the order as well as the fields displayed on the list window.  You would select the drop-down in the field name and change the data.  You also have an option to specify a different name for the field in the Displayed Name column.  Click in the Displayed Name field and type the new label.  Use a new label name that is familiar to your company’s users and consistent with your business.  After making any changes be sure to update so that the new settings can take effect.

SAP Business One also gives the user an option to group fields in a display list.  This changes the view from item details to groups requiring the user to drill down to display details.  The user will see a button for the option to Expand All the information and a plus sign will display next to the row.  To ensure that the results of groupings are the expected result select “Update” to save the selection and view the list.  If expected results are not what you expect you can always open the Form Settings from within the list window and select “Restore Default” and “Update” to change the settings back to the default system settings.

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