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Pick Pack and Production Manager

Facilitating product shipments efficiently to the customer is essential for any business. This requires coordination from several departments and various staff, potentially involving several offices or warehouse locations.  SAP Business One offers a solution: the Pick Pack and Production Manager.

The Pick Pack and Production Manager allows organizations to facilitate order processing and shipping.  It allows for prioritizing stock to specific sales orders, production orders, or inventory transfer requests. You can prioritize customers by using the ‘priority option’ on the Payment Terms tab on the Business Partner record.  The Pick Pack and Production Manager is a single-window that allows an organization to filter the data for specific criteria. You can group by documents or display details.  Additional filter options allow the user to view by delivery/due date, posting date, sales order number or sales order range, specific customers or a range of customers, or by a fulfillment percentage. From one window, it’s easy to check item quantities against available item inventory to make decisions for partial or complete shipments to customers.  These specifics can then be used for the creation of a ‘pick list’ to be distributed to a warehouse for order picking, pulling, and packing.

Pick List forms are created for use in managing and prioritizing sales orders for shipping and can be handled from a single location.  Additional forms can be created for production orders and inventory transfer requests based on criteria selected in the Pick Pack and Production Manager window.  Multiple documents can also be merged or split, depending on the internal process of the organization and customer needs. For example, if the customer sent in a single order with multiple ship-to destinations, this single sales order could be split into two separate pick lists. Additionally, two sales orders can be joined into one pick list which can aid in optimizing the picking, packing and pulling process.  If an inventory is managed across multiple warehouses, a single sales order can be split into two pick lists and shipped from the proper location all while the picking process gets handled from a single location. Once created, SAP Business One will not allow you to create an extra pick list for the same items unless the original pick list document is canceled, which minimizes the chance for the duplication of resources.

The Pick Pack and Production Manager offered through SAP Business One offers a solution for managing shipping goods to the customer from a single source. Talk to an LBSi team member today about how SAP Business One is right for your company.

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