Pickers Display

SAP Business One allows a user to perform additional functions without leaving the current window.  This helps to reduce time. This is managed on the main toolbar by selecting View → Pickers Display.  The options are turned on and off by clicking the highlighted icon associated to the function.

Examples of functions:

  • Choose from ‘List’ opens additional windows for the user to select values. (An example would be a list of business partners or items to be used on a marketing document.)
  • ‘Date’ opens a calendar to select specific dates.
  • ‘Calculator’ opens to perform mathematics. 
  • ‘User-Defined Values’ displays in fields, which are defined for formatted search functionality.

To further explain, the purpose of a formatted search is that it enables the user to define values originating from a search process.

Examples of using User-Defined Values:

  • Automatic Entering values into fields using objects in the system
  • Entering values into fields from a predefined list
  • Entering values into fields for a user-defined query 
  • Creating dependence or conditions between fields in the system
  • Displaying fields that are usually only viewed using a query, such as a creation date

‘Translatable Fields’ displays the the translated value of fields to the language selected in a current document.  If there is an activated multi-language support, then the user will be able to display and print marketing documents for foreign business partners in their native language.  Additionally, foreign descriptions can be specified in the master data windows. 

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