Pine…oh That Smell!

What is it about the scent of pine or the great outdoors that makes us feel good?  The aroma is so refreshing.  It’s clean, crisp, and evokes an uplifting sense.  There’s something about the scent that comes from trees bearing needles instead of leaves that’s special.  So special that many manufactures add such scents to their products.  In fact, Japanese researchers have found that the scent of pine can help purify the air and help the human immune system.  Pine is used for inflammation, stuffy nose, hoarseness, cold, cough, fevers, and even blood pressure problems.  Some have even applied it directly to the skin for mild muscle and nerve pain. 

Pine is a scent that conjures up happiness especially around holidays.  The scent of pine has been known to positively impact your mood by clearing your mind of stresses, energizing the body to help minimize fatigue, enhance your concentration and promote a positive outlook.   Much needed during the hustle and bustle of year-end processing and staffing shortages due to time-off requests as well as the challenges highlighted by the current economy.  While the holidays and year-end processing happen at the same time every year, were you prepared for some of the unknown that has surfaced recently?  Take advantage of the season and all the benefits it brings and take a step back for just a moment to assess the world around you.  You might need an extra whiff of pine!

Pine trees can grow continually for many years.  While they do stop growing in height, the trunks of the trees keep getting wider and add rings year after year.  Does your business emulate the pine tree?  You too should continue to grow to add rings, or in the case of a business adding tools, continually adding to your foundation, and making you stronger.  Never stopping but evolving to become better.  In most organizations the basics are in place, they just need to mature to the next level.  Never stagnant but developed to withstand any storm. 

While we’re at a point of looking back on the year it’s time to not only enjoy, but clear our heads to ready ourselves for that next step.   While enjoying the scents and sounds of this time of year, take advantage of the benefits that keep us focused and moving forward.  We could always benefit from things that reduce stress and promotes a more positive experience.  Pine is certainly one thing that can help but there’s so much more.  So, with that positive outlook during this season are you open personally and professionally for that more?  

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