Relationship Map

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well that certainly applies to Relationship Map in SAP Business One.  This graphical representation is created when you use the “Copy To” and “Copy From” functionality on marketing documents.  You launch the Relationship Map through a Right click in the blank space of a marketing document and choosing Relationship Map from the options.  Below is the document tree view.

The first thing to notice is that the header on the Sales Quotation is yellow while the other documents have a blue header.  This indicates that the Relationship Map originated from the Sales Quotation.  The arrows represent the connection between the base and target documents.  Color also indicates what activities have occurred.  For example, a green arrow shows the amount linked to a down payment.  A Yellow arrow points to an amount paid while a Blue arrow signifies what was copied to the next document.  Red indicates a balance due. 

The Relationship Map also displays graphic indicators.  Depending if a document is open or closed you will notice a small lock pictured.  If an invoice is paid you will notice a small check mark displayed.  Additional views for a Relationship Map include product details, related items, reference documents and related blanket agreements.  Depending on the view the Relationship Map will display the following information:

  • Document Type
  • Document Number
  • Posting Date
  • Business Partner Reference Number
  • Document Total
  • Balance
  • Item Number
  • Item Description

The Relationship Map is a powerful tool to gain quick access to information from within SAP Business One and something valuable for your day-to-day operations. 

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