SAP Business One for Manufacturing Operations

Putting the Productivity in Production

If your role is operations, specifically manufacturing or production operations – SAP® Business One software contains functionality and best practices to control your products from bills of material to finished goods.

Would you like to manage inventory management and production processes more effectively in a single software solution that also controls accounting, purchasing and sales — designed specifically for the small to midsize manufacturer?

SAP Business One Manufacturing Process

Business Challenges

  • Struggling with old or outdated manufacturing ERP software.
  • Frustrated with stand-alone software systems manufacturing that do not integrate to accounting or purchasing.
  • Current software can’t keep up with expanded product lines and detailed bills of material.

Key Features of SAP Business One for Production

Bills of Materials (BOMs): Manage bills of materials for items and resources such as machine time or labor.  Create multilevel BOMs and produce graphical indented-bill reports with batch and serial controlled items.  Bills of materials can also contain routing components.

Production orders: Create standard, special, and disassembly production orders that allow manual or backflush issue of components. Release production orders to the shop floor and draw components from inventory.  Use production routing to control processing through a defined sequence of production stages.

Finished goods:  Finished goods products are added to inventory.

MRP:  MRP wizard looks at your demand, supply and stock on hand to determine what you need to buy, produce or transfer. 

Business Benefits

  • Ensure you have the right amount of material to create the required amount of finished product.
  • Reduce costs by considering minimum order quantities and order multiples for price breaks or production batch sizes.
  • Minimize scrap and rework – and speed time to profit.
  • Allow you to introduce new products faster.

Through our 30+ years of selling and implementing SAP Business One software to small and midsized businesses, we know how to apply technology to your business challenges. 

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