Returning Customer Deposits

If a customer cancels an order and requests a deposit return, SAP Business One lays out the steps taken to handle a prepayment in the AR Down payment process. One method is to use an outgoing payment to reimburse the customer, but this will not create a true representation of the process when using the relationship map. Since the relationship map is a great tool giving a quick visual representation of document processing, the user can reimburse the customer by completing a few simple tasks and keeping the relationship functionality useful.

Create a “Service” type invoice from the menu populating the header information pertaining to the customer.  Enter the description and appropriate GL account.  (This GL account used is generally a suspense or miscellaneous account.)  A tax code is required.  An amount is not necessary at the line level.

At the footer level click on the ellipsis next to the field “Total Down Payment”.  Click on the down payment you wish to cancel and click “OK”.  This will create a credit invoice linking it to the AR Down Payment.

Add the document.

This creates an outgoing payment to the customer. 

Go to Banking > Outgoing payments > Outgoing payments.

Click on the option for “Customer” and enter the appropriate customer information.  This will populate details for the customer.  Select the “Service” invoice created against the AR Down Payment by checking the box next to the entry.   

On the “Payment Means” screen enter the amount of the service invoice (Ctrl + B will enter the amount), click “OK” then “Add”. This will process the returned payment.

The original sales order would now need to reprocessed, cancelled or closed.  Something to note is that cancelled orders do not show up in purchase or sales analysis reporting, closed orders do. 

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