SAP Business One- Can One Size Really Fit All?

We all know that one size does not always fit all, but SAP Business One is a fit for your business – regardless of size or number of employees.  SAP enables the user experience to feel personal and comfortable while empowering them with tools to move a business forward.  Users are able to make the software look and feel unique to their environment by using personal references when using the application.  Some of the more widely-used features are as follows:

  • SAP makes it easy to start your day.  A user login can be linked with login credentials using a Microsoft Windows domain account.  After validating user credentials, the SAP application opens automatically.  This single sign-on functionality creates easy access without having to be prompted for additional login information.  
  • Field descriptions are easily changed to reflect labels and terms used in your specific environment.  This, along with the ability to customize visible fields from from within standard screens, make an easy transition to using SAP and training since references are familiar to your organization. 
  • Recognizable icons appear throughout the screens, giving the user the option for additional information, if necessary.  For example, there are icons that allow for searching through lists for a specific value.  In many instances, there is the appearance of a ‘golden arrow’ that allows for additional or supporting information pertaining to your current operation.  There are also icons throughout the software allowing for expanding information or display options, giving the user supporting information without having to leave an active screen.
  • Filtering options allows for narrowing options information quickly without having to use code to write a custom report.  Information in many instances can quickly be exported to Excel, Word, Outlook, or Acrobat for further use within an organization. 
  • Graph options are used from within SAP to allowing for a quick view of summary data and statistical information.  This is depicted by a graph icon on the screen and can aid in decision making.  
  • Sorting data is quick and painless by merely clinking on a heading for ascending or descending information from within tables.
  • Display settings can also be customized by individuals or groups.  Color, font, font sizes, and languages can be set per user or group, giving a personal touch to the experience. 
  • SAP Business One utilizes a familiar menu bar that contains labels and drop-down options that display all functionality from within that menu along with an icon tool bar for frequently used options. 
  • If you prefer using a keyboard, ATL and CTRL key combinations are also available from within SAP Business One, enabling the user to perform tasks quickly.  Each user can assign ‘hot keys’ for frequently used functions.
  • The main screen is also easily customized and can display a standard SAP menu or allows for the creation of a ‘custom cockpit’ for functionality used frequently by an individual or group.  Allowing one-click access to multiple areas and functions creates an ease-of-use experience.  

Whatever you preference, SAP allows a comfortable and familiar user experience.  There are many ways to use and achieve consistent results using SAP Business One, based on the comfort level and expertise of the user.  These are just a few examples of functionality that gives SAP that unique user experience without sacrificing the solid performance of a fully integrated and comprehensive system.  

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