SAP Business One: Easy to Learn & Easy to Use

Throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with several different ERP/Business Software applications. Many of the names no longer exist, but certainly several still do. I first had the opportunity to work with SAP Business One back in 2004 when LBSi became a partner for SAP. LBSi was one of the pioneers who were instrumental in marketing and selling SAP Business One in the United States. As of this post, SAP Business One is available in 50 country localisations and 28 languages with over 70,000 customers in more than 170 countries.

LBSi has been helping businesses manage for success since 1989. Since the start 0f our company, we have been resellers of 4 different software packages. In 2003, we explored software publishers one of which was SAP and specifically in regards to the SAP Business One. This means that LBSi has been partners with a leading company in the ERP Business software space for more than half of our existence of a company.  We truly feel that we are partners with SAP; we are not just a name on a map that says we sell software. We also have physical brick and mortar offices with a qualified staff of team members that know business and technology.

We feel that SAP Business One is truly easy to learn and easy to use and this is demonstrated to our prospects. We ask them to sit in front of the computer and with little or no coaching they are able to locate features and functions off of the menu and create sales orders, purchase orders or similar screens. I have personally performed hundreds of demonstrations of the product or portion of the product via both third-party video chat and on site demonstrations and I can only recall one time while performing a demo where an attendee told me that the software looked hard to use and she later purchased the software and is now a Client reference for LBSi and SAP Business One.

Whether you are a prospect looking for a new ERP package or an existing customer using SAP Business One with a particular problem you are looking to solve, contact me for more information on how LBSi can help your company manage for success.

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