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SAP Business One: Marketing Document Row Details Quick Look and Update

SAP Business One gives you an option to take a quick look at the details on the line level of a marketing document.  This enables the user to view and update all the details associated with an item organized in a single window.  This is accessed off the main toolbar by selecting Go To → Row Details or double-click on the line of the marketing document.

The following is an example of the details associated with a Sales Order:

A window displaying details associated with the Sales Order line opens.

This detailed information is important to the user and is comprised from difference sources.  Some examples of these sources are as follows:

  •  Information for the item from the Item Master record such as Description
  • Information entered by the user such as Quantity Ordered
  • Information from the Business Partner Master Data such as Sales Employee
  • Information for user fields defined for the marketing document row.

The value in the Row Detail window is the controlled at the user level as far as showing what detailed information gets displayed along with the order of the data. This display is controlled in the Form Settings.  Form Settings is accessed on the main toolbar by selecting Tools → Form Settings or on the icon toolbar by selecting Form Settings.  The row format tab allows for the options of making a field active or visible. 

The Organization does control who has access to these form settings as well control over some specific fields such as cost fields.  This is done through authorizations from within SAP Business One in the General Authorizations window and can be controlled by the System Administrator or your trusted Business Advisor.

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