SAP Business One System Message Preferences and Maintenance

SAP Business One has some standard built-in system messages that occur when a certain function is executed.  One example appears when a sales order is duplicated.  When a new Business Partner is entered the system warns the user with the following message:

At this point the user can either confirm the change by clicking the “Yes” button or not accept the change by clicking the “No” button.  These system warning message appear every time the same condition occurs and would need to be answered before continuing.  By selecting the check box next to Remember My Answer and Do Not Show This Message Again and selecting your answer, SAP Business One will remember your answer the next time you repeat the same process.  Now when you perform the same action on the same type of document, this system message is not displayed and the application automatically answers the message. 

While saving these message options can help simplify your internal operations there may be times when you would want to user to address the condition.  These system message appear throughout the SAP Business One functionality and impacts the accuracy of the details on your documents.  If a user answers this incorrectly and saves the answer, it could impact your records. 

These saved answers are stored by the system and can be retrieved.  They are stored in the Messages Preferences- Setup window.  It is accessed on the Main Menu under  Administration → Setup → General → Message Preferences.  To remove a previously saved answer right click on the row where the message appears and select Remove and click the Update button.

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