SAP Business One vs QuickBooks from a Customer Perspective

You have probably read numerous articles on the differences between QuickBooks and SAP Business One. This article gives you a customer perspective and includes comments from a few of our clients in addition to a summary of some of the differences compiled by LBSi. QuickBooks is an Accounting System. SAP Business One is an ERP system and it includes features and functions such as the following to help you manage and grow your company:

  • Sales and Customer Relation Management

  • Inventory, warehouse management, and distribution

  • Procurement (Purchase Requisitions, Request for Quotes, Purchase Orders),

  • Vendor Management

  • Production and Operations

  • Reporting, Analytics, and Dashboards

  • Budgeting and Cash management

  • Accounting and Finance.

Accounting systems like QuickBooks allow you to see and report what you did yesterday or a period in the past. ERP Systems like SAP Business One allows you to manage your business and grow and prosper in this ever-changing world we live in.

Comments from Customers:

Our client references, many of which migrated from QuickBooks tell the following story within a few short weeks of implementing SAP Business One ERP Business Management Software.

  • Training and assistance is very difficult to obtain in QuickBooks. What training is available simply tells you to enter data into fields and does not provide any narrative as to why or explanation of options.
  • QuickBooks does not provide customer management. It allows you to enter orders and ship and invoice them.
  • SAP Business One give us the tools we need to better manage our inventory, sales, and finances.
  • Quick Books has weak reporting capabilities. SAP Business One provides out of the box analytical reports as well as several reporting tools to modify and create new reports and queries.
  • Inventory accuracy and visibility of your inventory is hard to see or not available in QuickBooks.
  • System performance decreases drastically as you add users in QuickBooks.
  • On time shipping performance increased from 50% to 98.4% after converting to SAP Business One ERP
  • We are now able to plan purchases and negotiate better prices and deliveries with our suppliers after implementing SAP Business One ERP.
  • Prior to SAP Business One we had to plan and record our production and kitting in Excel Sheets.
  • SAP Business One helps us to work more efficiently.
  • With QuickBooks, unused inventory was taking up warehouse space and costing us a lot of money. SAP Business One provides us with the ability to manage inventory before there is a problem.

If you read this far and you are using QuickBooks or some other “Accounting Software” you can probably relate to a few of the comments above as well as provide a list of your own. With COVID-19 and the new normal we now live in, your business cannot afford to continue using just an “accounting system” like QuickBooks. You need an ERP Business Management system like SAP Business One ERP.

LBSi has been helping small to medium size clients, like yours, manage for success since 1989. We are successful at what we do and we utilize SAP Business One ERP software to manage our business.

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