Multiple Locations

Multi-location Management Made Easy

The SAP Business One multi-location feature enables companies to work with authorized data in every branch using a singular company database. This allows a company with several subsidiaries to use one company database to increase management, making it especially easier if there is a single accounting staff overseeing the separate locations. Despite the data being centralized in one database, data for each subsidiary can be individualized and reported separately.

Major functions of this feature include:

  • Documents are created for specific locations and only with master data, such as warehouses and business partners that are assigned to the branches.
  • Business Partners are filtered based on the connected user and its assigned location.
  • Separate locations have the ability to share some common data and settings, such as items, business partners, users, and document settings.
  • Purchasing documents can be created from one location based on sales documents from another branch.
  • Running reports for specific branches (A/R, A/P, Balance Sheet, Profit&Loss) and compare productivity.
  • Activating data ownership by branch location
  • Delegating which users are authorized to access one or more location’s data
SAP Business One Multi Branch

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