SAP Business One Pricing

SAP Business One Cloud Pricing

How Much Does SAP Business One Cloud Cost?

SAP® Business One is an affordable, comprehensive cloud software solution for managing your entire business – from sales and customer relationships to financials and operations. 

This software is built for growing small and midsize businesses, and is currently in use at over 75,000 companies around the world. 

SAP Business One cloud pricing includes an SAP Business One license and cloud hosting.  Pricing is a per user monthly  subscription based on the SAP license type:  either Professional or Limited. 

For cloud hosting, LBSi has partnered with Sky.One to offer SAP Business One cloud with fast, secure cloud hosting for your digital transformation.

SAP Business One Cloud Price:

To determine your price, just calculate the number of each user type by the monthly price.  5 user minimum required.

License Type Monthly Price Each
SAP Business One Cloud Professional User License $166
SAP Business One Cloud Limited User License $114

Our cloud hosting is offered as either a single-tenant or multi-tenant environment. 

Single-Tenant:  Is a dedicated, flexible environment in which only your company software and data resides.  With a single tenant solution we can expand if needed to meet complex requirements.*  It also allows for any addons and integrations to other systems, and you control your upgrade schedule.* 

Multi-Tenant:  Is an environment shared with other LBSi customers, with separate, secured data.  Upgrades included on a pre-determined schedule.  Allows for integrated SAP addons.*

*Additional fees would apply.

What are the SAP Business One User License Types?

SAP Business One user licenses are either Professional or Limited types, and each license must belong a named user.  A full license comparison chart should be consulted to determine the license type best suited to your users. 

In general, the license types for SAP Business One can be described as:

  • Professional user licenses give access to all areas of the solution, including administration. Professional users also have access to the full functionality of the mobile app at no additional cost.
  • The Limited user licenses come in Limited CRM (sales and customer support), Limited Financial (financials only) and Limited Logistics (operations, shipping, receiving) user types and give access to features in a role typically used on a daily basis. Limited users have access to the mobile app at no additional cost but can only access those modules covered by the license. 

What Are the Advantages of SAP Business One Cloud?

Years ago, SAP Business One was only deployed on premise – running on customer servers that needed to be maintained, updated, backed up and secured. Now cloud hosting technology makes it possible for companies to expand their IT resources and save money at the same time.

Much more than a trend, migrating to the cloud is part of the corporate digital transformation. In addition to reducing costs, this solution – when performed correctly – contributes to data security, process optimization, offers mobility to employees and even makes the business scalable.

The differences between running SAP Business One in the cloud versus on premise are explained further:


On-premise environments require an internal IT team to manage. In the cloud, the SAP Business One environment is maintained by our cloud hosting provider.


Hardware, servers and software are the responsibility of the client in the on-premise model. For SAP Business One cloud, you only pay for the resources you use, depending on the plan.


On-premise environments are 100% responsible for your data control, for better or worse. In the cloud, backups are automated by the provider while data still belongs to the customer.


Issues like security and compliance follow the same logic. When you're on premise, you need full-time in-house experts. In the cloud, this comes as a package.

Functionality in SAP Business One Cloud

Many small businesses want to grow income while preserving profit margins. But doing so can be difficult without a full view of the entire business – from financials to customer relationships. And when processes aren’t linked together, it can be difficult to determine just where to cut costs or when to expand into new markets. Why run old, legacy, unconnected business applications when you can make a digital transformation to the cloud?

The SAP Business One application manages the entire business in a single system. It’s affordable, easy to buy and use, and quick to install.  This solution is a functional cloud ERP software designed for small and midsize businesses. It contains everything you need to manage day-to-day operations for all types of companies:

Financials / Accounting Functionality: Full chart of accounts and financial reports.

Purchasing and Supply Chain: Vendor management and purchasing process.

Item /Inventory Management: Manage all the items and services you sell.

Sales and CRM: Maintain customers and control the sales order process.

Manufacturing / Production Operations: Manage production orders and MRP.

Service Calls and Contracts: Service contracts, planning and call management.

Project Management: Full project and stage management.

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Add-Ons for SAP Business One

SAP Business One covers most of what all businesses need in a software, including accounting, sales, CRM, purchasing, item management, production, projects, fixed assets, and service.  Add-on products are developed by third party companies to expand the breadth and depth of the solution. 

There are over 500 add-ons for SAP Business One, including payroll, advanced manufacturing, bar coding, shipping integration, credit card integration and much more. Our team analyzes your business requirements to determine functional, reputable add-ons to provide a complete ERP software solution to run your business. 

LBSi is a development factory for SAP Business One add-ons and enhancements that are capable and functional for the cloud.  Any SAP B1 add-ons are priced separately.

SAP Business One Implementation Cost

In addition to SAP Business One software and cloud hosting, we also offer implementation services which are priced separately.  

We are a certified SAP partner and are qualified to sell, install, implement, train and support SAP Business One software.  Our typical implementation service includes: 

  • Business process as-is / to-be mapping
  • Creation of a business blueprint
  • Software installation
  • Software configuration
  • Data migration (where possible)
  • System pilot / prototype
  • End-user training and go live support


We provide the services required to take a client from beginning to end of the implementation, so that your processes are aligned, your employees are trained, and you can achieve real business value from your IT investment.

The installation and implementation of SAP Business One can be completed quickly and easily — if a comprehensive implementation methodology and the right tools are used.  That’s why we use our proven, repeatable and successful approach to implementing SAP ERP solutions. 

FAQ on our SAP Business One Cloud Costs

Is my business a fit for SAP Business One cloud?

If you can say “yes” to one or any of these business conditions, you’re a fit for SAP B1 cloud:

  • Growing small or midsize business
  • Outgrowing Quickbooks or other accounting-only software
  • Have disparate sets of data or siloed programs
  • Experiencing business growth
  • Have sites in multiple locations / countries
  • Are ready to move from an on premise software environment to cloud hosting

Where does SAP Business One fit in the SAP ERP solution portfolio?

SAP Business One is designed, priced and sized for the small to midsize business market for customers with 5-200 employees.  Through our parent company ERP Logic, we can also offer SAP Business ByDesign® as an ERP software for midsize companies, and SAP S/4HANA® for large enterprises if your business conditions fit one of these solutions better.

Some businesses are running large enterprise SAP ERP in their global headquarters, but need a smaller SAP business solution for subsidiary/ satellite operations.  SAP Business One cloud is a good fit for these business situations as well.

Who provides the cloud hosting service?

LBSi has partnered with Sky.One to offer multi-tenant and private cloud hosting for our SAP Business One customer environments.  Why LBSI and Sky.One?

  • Reduced IT Costs: Eliminate the costs of idle servers and server maintenance
  • Business Continuity: Your business is free to grow with availability and scalability
  • Data Security: Data stored in the world’s largest public clouds
  • Daily Backups: Keep all information safe and stored with our backups

Is cloud hosting safe?

Yes.  At LBSi we have always sought to bring safe and modern innovations to our customers. That’s why we partnered with Sky.One to further drive digital transformation.  The safety and security of the cloud features:

  • Secure access, through a URL
  • Authentication with ReCaptcha, MFA and Single Sign-On using SAML
  • All access is logged and can be requested for audits
  • Access restrictions based on schedules, IPs
  • Configuration of password patterns (characters, sizes)


Can you help determine my SAP Business One price including add-ons?

Yes.  Every client should discuss their particular business scenario in order for us to provide a comprehensive SAP Business One solution and price.  Our trained staff will guide this process to ensure all your requirements are met. 

Want a price for SAP B1?  Contact LBSi for more information.