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Software Isn’t the Most Important Thing.

For SMEs, the most important aspect of choosing an ERP software is NOT just the software.

I recently had the opportunity of remodeling five bathrooms over two years. The first year, I contracted with a large company to remodel two bathrooms simultaneously. I was impressed with their slick sales presentation, resources, and endless promises of individual attention, and purported success. However, once contracts had been signed, I simply became a job number. Communication became lacking and schedules became even more unclear. Contractors’ arrival onto the job site became unpredictable, and necessary changes became difficult to resolve and cost. I was told that ‘my job’ was smaller and as such was being controlled by bigger project timelines. In the end, my two-bathroom job was finished late, cost more, and was finished with less quality than expected.

“…honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, timely, engaged, and totally committed.”

The second year, I contracted with a smaller company to remodel the remaining three bathrooms. And while their presentation wasn’t as refined, resources fewer, and similar promises were made…it felt much different. The lead contractor was directly engaged in an honest and genuine manner. This small company had been doing what they do…for well over three decades and this experience demonstrated itself often. During the lead-up and into the project, the contrast between the two companies became even more apparent. Communication was exceptional and continual, timelines clearly established and changes and problems managed well. In the end, my three-bathroom job was finished early, at budget, and with the quality promised.

How’d that happen? Well, simply put, it was the people. The smaller company’s personnel, first and foremost, were honest, hardworking, well spoken, knowledgeable, timely, and were totally engaged from beginning to end. Sure, they didn’t have the promise of endless resources and slick sales presentations. Instead, the smaller company brought tons of intangible strengths to the project…honesty, engagement, experience, and a commitment to my ‘small job’. We were true partners in objectives and goals. It was a wonderful thing.

You might ask “What does remodeling five bathrooms have to do with ERPs?”

Nothing. Or, well…maybe a lot!

In the above, substitute ‘remodeling-bathrooms’…with ‘changing-your-ERP software’. Go ahead…go back and try it!

The lesson is just the same, especially for small to medium projects…or companies.

For most SMEs, changing your ERP seems like a daunting task. You don’t have the technical staff, extra resources, time, or direct experience to accomplish the change alone. And if you did, would you really want to pull resources from doing…what you do well…to managing your ERP? And while you do need to find the right software. It’s even more important to find the right people to partner with.

At team LBSi, we have over 3 decades of doing…what we do very well. We are honest, hardworking, knowledgeable, timely, engaged, and totally committed to getting your ERP project done on a budget, on time, and with the quality, you expect and deserve. And as importantly, we will become your true partner in your future objectives and goals. Review some of our customer references.

“And it will be a wonderful thing.”

If you are looking to upgrade your ERP Business Software, contact one of the experts in the ERP / WMS Business Software space.

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