Staying Connected with LBSi

The value of social media.

Recent events have highlighted not only the need, but the value in social media.  The days of working 9 to 5 seem to be long gone and the ‘new normal’ of flexibility in our home and work life has emerged.  Being able to access information throughout the course of a day is necessary to continue to be productive and the Internet has proven to be that source of information.

The LBSi team is working hard to utilize the Internet as a resource and provide a wide presence on social media to provide answers to some common and not so common solutions in SAP Business One.  Video clips and blog posts provide guidance in optimizing the flexibility in navigating the functionality in SAP Business One.

Stay connected.

Not following LBSi on social media?  Click the links below to view our social media pages. 

By subscribing to the LBSi YouTube channel, you will have immediate access to all current videos and all future material as it becomes available.  Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Linkedln to stay up-to-date on SAP Business One and receive updates from us on new videos, documentation, and blog posts.  Of course, you can always visit us directly at to view our blog posts and get the latest information on what’s new with your trusted SAP Business One Partner, LBSi.

As we all navigate to our ‘new normal,’ be assured that the LBSi team is committed to continue to be with you along this journey and provide you the necessary tools for success. 

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