Straight Line

What is a straight line?

The distance between two points is defined as a straight line simply because connecting the two points creates a straight line.  That’s how we got the popular statement that the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.   We wish life’s path was that easy!   While most of us are not that fortunate personally or professionally,  life has a way of sending us in directions that we don’t want or necessarily plan for.  Organizations are no different; although driven by end-goals and desired outcomes an organization rarely walks that straight line. In fact, it can not only be a winding road it can also send an organization in an entirely different direction.  (Hopefully not to a dead-end!!)

Market disruptions, vendor issues, supply chain problems, labor shortages are just a few things that can cause drastic changes within a company.  Sound familiar?  Sometimes bad things happen to no fault of our own, but such events can be an opportunity to set us on the straight and narrow path to better things. The time is now to seize these new opportunities and have the courage to travel a road less traveled by your organization.  Things have been tough for many of us but sometimes taking the easy way out keeps life stagnant and keeps us from moving forward and can lead us right back to where we started.

So how have you been handling all the current obstacles?  Happy with the status quo and waiting for things to change?  Maybe it’s time to take a look at some of the unique circumstances that have happened, and let life put us on a better path.  It’s easy to ignore the need to change, but hard choices are usually the right choices.  Life does work itself out even when it appears it never will.  Take a look around, are you happy with how your organization has navigated its current path?  

Everything that has happened can happen again; vendors, supply chain issues, and inventory problems can be minimized utilizing robust software solutions.  Technology embracing handheld and portable devices can also create efficiencies and help alleviate the strains on labor.  Time to reconsider doing more with less.  Keeping inventories low, managing efficiencies and controlling overhead can only be achieved through accurate and timely information.  What’s needed are viable solutions that are available across numerous platforms and operating systems with time-tested results in your industry.  Handling integrated operations allowing for flexibility and growth is a must-have feature.  This allows for good decision-making and minimizes added stress and strain throughout any organization.  Needing to enter new industries and markets quickly and being responsive to those needs is a competitive advantage no matter how you navigate your business climate.  Did your current EPR  deliver the guided solutions and create the shortest distance to those solutions at your organization?  After all, paths change all the time.

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