The Benefits of Software Maintenance.

As seasons change, it reminds us to take care of some tasks.  In the Spring we need to clean the flower beds, get the lawn equipment tuned and ready for use, and get the patio furniture ready for hopefully and long and sunny Summer.  Winter brings its own set of tasks such as getting the car ready for some not-so-nice driving conditions, tune-up the snowblower, and get the furnace ready to keep things warm and toasty.  It’s always a good idea to be prepared for whatever comes your way….at least to the best of our ability.

Maintenance is something none of us should neglect; the same goes true in the business world.  We need to maintain everything that keeps the organization running as smoothly as possible.  Whether it’s the machines on the shop floor or equipment that helps execute essential functions in the business, such as computers.  While these assets are something that you can see let’s not forget about the benefits of software maintenance.  Let take a quick look at just a few points.

  • There’re always be the ‘bug’ fixes that are covered in a software maintenance subscription. While most of the fixes don’t impact the performance to a large extent, these modifications can improve functionality and/or performance.  These changes are available over the length of a maintenance agreement.  These improvements could not only benefit the user experience, it could enhance the long-term effectiveness and use of the software. 
  • Business trends and technology have certainly changed recently. Keeping pace with new innovations can help an organization gain a competitive advantage.  As software evolves these new trends and technologies get embedded and into new releases.  These software updates give the organization access to upgraded functionality as soon as it becomes available.
  • Now there is a financial cost when subscribing to a maintenance agreement. Throughout the organization, decisions must be made to benefit the entire operation.  Knowing what is most important and evaluating the benefit over the time covered by software maintenance is something that management must take into consideration. 

In summary, there is always a demand for corporate resources.  If your organization is invested in new technologies and relies heavily on digital property, decisions to invest in software maintenance must be considered.  While nothing is easy, it does provide peace of mind knowing that support continues uninterrupted. 

To summarize software maintenance has many benefits including:

  • The right to upgrade to later patches and releases
  • New functionality that may become available in later patches and releases. Over the years SAP has added many new features and new functionality that you would not be able to benefit from unless you are under a current maintenance agreement
  • Bug fixes which may only be available in a patch or upgrade
  • SAP customer portal
  • SAP Business One Academy
  • LBSi Videos
  • LBSi training documents
  • Learn with LBSi virtual meetings and recorded sessions

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