Tips for Staying Social Media Savvy

With many people continuing to work from home during the COVID-19, one of the most popular ways to stay busy is keeping engaged in social media.  Maintaining a social media presence is crucial in today’s digital world, especially with everyone preferring to connect virtually.  The way that companies communicate with their audience is constantly changing. It is now more important than ever to keep growing a digital presence and to stay relevant to customers and prospects. Three tips for staying social media savvy:

Post Relevant Topics

What is your audience currently talking about?  Whether it’s current social trends or the latest information on the coronavirus, posting articles and information relating to your audience’s interests will help boost engagement and increase your following.  Keep track of hot topics and show your followers how your company or the brand is handling their current situations.

Keep the Tone of Your Posts Consistent Across All of Your Social Media Platforms

One of the biggest social media mistakes companies can make is making it seem like their social media voice is inconsistent.  A company’s social media voice sets the tone for how you communicate with your audience; you want them to feel like they are interacting with one person and not a marketing team. Capturing your company’s tone and conveying your desired message in each post helps to strengthen brand image.

Make Everything Picture Perfect

Use captivating images and videos to draw attention to posts. Nothing draws attention quite like a funny gif. Using images and videos in posts helps catch the viewer’s eye, help tell the story, and makes your articles and posts more memorable. 

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