Warehouse Management Solution

Finally, there is an affordable, full featured Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) that was designed specifically for SAP Business One using the SAP SDK. Transactions are real time and no batch processes need to be run. Unlike other WMS systems, the issue of data not being in sync between the WMS and SAP Business One go away.

The LBSi Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) was developed to provide warehouse inventory and movement transaction functionality in SAP Business One™ that is not included in the standard product. The software further enhances inventory control functions. Transactions are real time and do not require any batch processes to run or generate.

Transactions Include

  • Transfer Order Build
  • Inventory Transfer Requests
  • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Issue
  • Item Bin Count
  • Inventory Counting
  • Production Receipt
  • Production Issue
  • Production Return
  • Sales Order Build
  • Delivery Build
  • Reserve Invoice Order Build
  • Purchase Order Build
  • Purchase Order Receipts

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