What Is the Cloud?

We all have memories; Some better than others and some of us remember things differently. I can still recite many part numbers from a manufacturing company I worked with for over 22 years and which I left 26 years ago. Some say that I have a great memory yet I cannot recite my children or grandchildren’s phone numbers. 2020 will certainly be remembered as the year of COVID-19 for many years.

COVID-19 and the results of working from home, stay at home orders, etc have generated more discussions on the cloud. Many companies and are now thinking about the cloud. What I have really learned over the last couple of years is the cloud has many different meanings depending on who you are talking to. If you work for a company, I am sure the “cloud” word comes up often in your daily conversations. Before we go further I want to share with you my synopsis of what many define the cloud as:

“The cloud” refers to servers that can be accessed over the internet and the software and databases run on the servers.

Cloud servers can be in data servers all over the world. One of the reasons to have the servers in the cloud is that you may not have to manage the servers, someone or some other company could manage them for you. The big players in this space are Azure and AWS but there are thousands of other choices.

By the definition above, your company may have multiple locations and multiple buildings and if your server is in one of your buildings and other users access the server from the other locations and buildings then you are in “the cloud” because users are accessing the servers via the Internet. Note that in this example, you could even be managing the servers but you are still in “the cloud.”

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