Without Qty Posting

We all like the convenience of shopping online and having our orders shipped directly to our door.  Unfortunately, that convenience has also given the rise to the “porch pirate.”  The experience of ordering something that either arrives damaged or not delivered at all is being more common among consumers. Whether we blame the modern-day “pirate” or the delivery system, we are not inclined to pay for these items.  Damaged or defective items can be returned if the company deems it necessary and the inventory quantities would need to be addressed; however, for our discussion in this blog post, we are not returning any stock.

When looking at this scenario from an Accounts Receivable perspective, SAP Business One offers a solution to credit the customer without affecting inventory qualities.  The option “Without Qty Posting” is an available choice that appears on a credit memo on the line level.  If this option is not visible on your credit memo screen, you can enable it by clicking the Form Settings icon

or by going to the main menu bar and clicking Tools → Form Setting.  The Form Settings window will then open and on the Table Form tab, check off the box for the option ‘Without Qty Posting.’

By enabling this flag and checking this on the line level of the credit memo, the document applies a credit tot he customer account and a debit to the revenue account; no effect on the inventory quantities.

A business can also see a need for processing a credit without affecting the inventory quantity from the Accounts Payable side. Vendor credits are usually created due to pricing differences for vendor purchases and not stock receipts.  In Accounts Payable, a credit will affect the customer balance and finished goods value adjusting for the pricing difference but will not post any quantity to inventory.  Enabling this functionality in Accounts Payable is also set up in Form Settings. 

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