Your Unique Contract Manufacturing ERP

Portrait of a businessman with a hard hat on talking on his mobile phoneSo you and your team finally landed that big contract you were all gunning for. As the smiles and congratulatory fist bumps fade the realization sets in that now you must DELIVER on that Contract manufacturing agreement you just made! The sweat begins to run and you know you need a partner in this business. Everyone needs an extra hand and Long Business Systems, Inc. (LBSi) can be that support.
The needs of a small to medium manufacturing company are unique. Maybe implementing an erp (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has been too daunting in the past for the scale of your business. But now that they are more available and at a lower cost you can streamline your processes just like the bigger companies.
A great ERP system will allow you the following integration:

  • Finances (ledger, sales tax, cost accounting and cost monitoring)
  • Sales (opportunity management, contracts, customer relations, quotes, invoicing, pricing, profits, invoicing)
  • Production Functions (orders, delivery and returns, accounts payable, bills of materials, online order processing)
  • Inventory (bins and cataloging)
  • HR/Payroll/Manpower (hours, cost)

Not only can we help with the software system integration, but we also will add training and specialized development to address the specific needs of your small to medium business. If you are unsure as to whether you can handle that new contract, don’t sweat it. Our services can help you define the processes that need adjusting and implement a system-wide software integration that will assist you in completing that contract.
Be sure to contact us today to talk about your specific needs.  Phone: 877-605-5274 x111

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